"My father lost his business to the 2008 recession, and my greatest friend's family lost everything after he lost his life on the rig. Everything I have learned and the team that I have built is for the sole purpose of protecting and empowering the blue collar American."

-Dallas Richardson

The Team Captains

Sky Tower Counsel is made up of 22 nationally recognized experts that work together in an unbiased, comprehensive, collaborative process loyal to the client. 

This process removes stress, and confusion from the complex decisions.

Each member of Sky Tower Counsel comes from a blue collar background and is devoted to the mission. 

Dallas was a roughneck and equipment operator, Rick was a farmer, Ed was a fighter pilot, Mike was a firefighter.



Dallas Richardson
Tax & Legacy Planning Specialist

Dallas is the founder of the Iron Hands Legion, an invite only organization, exclusive to Blue Collar Americans that teaches real financial literacy to the working class of America.

He is Co-founder and President of Sky Tower Counsel, a financial services firm that specializes in holistic, collaborative, un biased tax, and financial planning. 

Dallas has an extensive background in the trades consisting of being a heavy equipment operator, in carpentry, as an oil field technician and as a drill rig roughneck. 

Dallas has been mentored and trained by some of the most brilliant minds in the financial industry. He was trained in the family offices that manages the financial empires of the extremely wealthy, one of the only places to learn the rare, uncommon planning that protects and builds their wealth.

Dallas specializes in tax planning and risk mitigation; the reduction of income taxes, income tax planning in retirement, reducing of capital gains taxes, business planning, tax credits, Long Term Care planning, Legacy and charitable planning all in the effort to put more money back into his client's pockets and not the government's.

Dallas founded both Sky Tower Counsel and Iron Hands Legion to provide the knowledge and resources every blue collar American deserves to have. 

Rick Bailey, J.D., MAcc, CFP® 
Attorney of Estate & Tax Law

Rick Bailey is the Founder and Chairman of Camas and one of the most highly-renowned estate planners in the United States. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) with a Master’s degree in Accountancy/Taxation as well as a Juris Doctorate, Rick Bailey is a highly valuable asset to private clients, CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors, and life insurance professionals for his expertise in advanced estate planning and case design.

Rick’s years of experience in legal, tax, and financial services have attracted thousands of high-net-worth private clients with upfront planning fees starting at $25,000. He also specializes in training advisors in planning strategies, preparing proposals, presentations, case designs, and affinity partnerships.

His extensive background includes work as an estate planning attorney, financial planner, and both a Regional Marketing Director and Advanced Planner for a major life insurance company. He has authored numerous articles and given many presentations on topics such as business planning, succession planning, income-tax strategies for closely-held businesses, asset protection, buy-sell agreements, and wealth-preservation strategies.

His latest book, titled “Orchestrate Your Legacy,” has been well-received by critics.

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Edward Cotney
Master Tax Strategist

Ed is the founder and principal at Olympus Tax, Business and Insurance Solutions, Inc. and author of Tax Secrets Made Simple. 

Edward W. Cotney is a Family Wealth Counselor and author of Tax Secrets Made Simple, published in 2018.

I teach attorneys, tax professionals, financial advisors, non-profit organizations, and families’ methods to implement planning strategies to reduce taxes, increase wealth, and “Make a Difference in the World”.

I design asset protection and tax strategies to reduce or zero out taxes for sales of highly appreciated assets to include securities, real estate, 1031 exchanges, business exit strategies and zero tax estate transfers.

I help families and advisors implement simple to sophisticated tax designs, charitable planning, business planning, mergers, private placement, research and development tax credits, domestic international sales corporations and succession planning.

His latest book, titled “Tax Secrets Made Simple,” has been well-received by critics, 

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Josh Sterling, CLU®, CLTC®, CCFS®

Josh Sterling is the CEO at Camas Advice. He is the current President of the Redwood Empire Estate Planning Council.

Josh has an in-depth understanding of the practical, legal, and ethical aspects of life insurance and how to provide the best solutions to a modern and diverse clientele facing a range of risks and financial situations.

As a holistic Wealth Advisor, Josh is an expert strategist in solving the myriad of problems businesses, estates, high net worth, and high income earning individuals face. Whether it be life insurance planning, retirement planning, tax reduction strategies, charitable planning, long-term care, estate planning, college funding, or transitioning out of a business Josh can provide honest and straightforward solutions tailored to your circumstances.

Josh was a collegiate soccer player and coach at Sonoma State University and won a National Championship in 2002. His wife Kristy, is an elementary school teacher and former college soccer athlete as well. Their two boys, Carson and Parker, both follow in their parents’ footsteps playing competitive soccer that includes travel around the western states. The family loves sports, travel, the beach, and spending time in their backyard pool and outdoor kitchen with their two English labs Hula and Maui.

Mike Sloan, CRPC
Tax & Wealth Strategist

Mike Sloan is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor and Business Advisor that specializes in tax free retirement strategies .

Mike entered the financial services industry in 1985, after serving 4 years in the United States Navy. His industry experience includes serving as a Personal Financial Planner for a national firm, Regional Manager for a major life insurance company, Regional Director for an employee benefits consulting firm, and his current position with Camas Advice.

Today’s business owner or professional, have complex business and personal financial planning needs that no single advisor can serve.

Through my affiliation with Camas Advice, I work with a team of specialists to assist my clients in addressing the many issues today's business owner has to deal with.

Specifically, our team can help with everything from Retirement Planning, Key Employee Retention, Business Succession, Cost Segregation, Cost Remediation, Business Valuations, Captive Insurance Companies, and more.