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families Pre and Active Retirement

In our experience, every client is losing their money in taxation, or in poorly structured debt repayment strategies.

For every dollar you lose to overpaying in taxes and expenses, you are not losing only that dollar, you are losing what that dollar could have grown to for your benefit.

Loss of Opportunity is the greatest of losses to the American Family

Everything our firm does begins with Tax Planning. It is the largest expense all Americans will face, and with a federal government with over $30 Trillion dollars of debt, it is a certainty taxes will have to double. Reducing the Tax Bill puts more money in your pocket and helps you build the life you aspire to have.

















Project Iron Hands Legion (Pre Retirement)

Project Iron Hands Legion is Sky Tower Counsel’s proprietary, nationally recognized program. It was built for the purpose of giving the Millennial generation the ability to build capital for future investments, protect their families from recessions, and to persevere in a future of heavy taxation from a revenue starved federal government. It is with great pride that members of this program were tested and emerged victorious against Covid 19 and the recession it caused.         


This meaningful process educates millennial Americans how to build real wealth, where to do it, and how to use it        appropriately. This process brings clarity to the complicated financial world and leads to a chain reaction of debt elimination in 10 years or so, building capital that can be used for investments that suit the client’s characteristics, and protects the American family from recessions and pandemic.

Debt Elimination

It is the belief at Sky Tower Counsel that interest on payments is either paid to an outside source, or can be earned by the American family. Savings accounts take an enormous amount of time to accumulate any value, and using funds from retirement accounts has severe consequences. Contemplate this, for every dollar spent on debt, you lost not only that dollar you worked so hard for, more importantly you lost the growth of that dollar. That is an opportunity you robbed your future self of. Sky Tower Counsel has a proven system that strategically eliminates debt in record time, without giving up control of your money, the money grows far faster than any savings account, you can access the money long before retirement, and never have to fear losing your hard-earned cash to stock market losses or economic blunders. You will remain independent and your money will be safe. 

Tax Free Retirement Planning

It is 100% possible to retire to the 0% tax bracket. To have a retirement without taxation. Through Sky Tower Counsel’s guidance, you can escape the tax trap and be free from taxes that have no choice but to go up

Capital Gains Tax Planning

Assets(property, investments, business interest, assets) that have been held for longer than one year and are sold suffer from capital gains taxation

Before the sale of the asset, a client has over 20 ways to reduce or eliminate that tax bill owed on the sale

If the client is charitably inclined there are 30 ways to control the tax bill

Tax Planning: Legally reduce your largest expense

Pre-Retirement Tax Planning 10 or more years until retirement

Majority of American families overpay their taxes every year, or defer their tax bills on retirement plans that essentially kick the growing problem down the road to a later date and rob you of the present uses of that money lost to taxes

Sky Tower Counsel specializes in reducing/eliminating unnecessary tax burdens that the family will pay without our assistance

Retirement Income Tax Planning Active Retirement

Taxation will be an eroding factor in your retirement income, and that income has to last as long as you do. The right planning is needed to reduce that income tax bill, and reduce the tax bill on any taxable income coming from investments and other assets that will make your social security up to 85% taxable

There are many simple ways to lower or eliminate the tax bill, and more complicated if need be

Many Americans have diligently grown tax deferred 401ks, IRAs, and other investments that over time have compounded into a tax nightmare. Without proper planning these can become generation destroying tax bombs

Many Americans have diligently accumulated many retirement investments, pensions, and tools designed to provide income in retirement.

Long Term Care Planning

Your largest expense in retirement will be your last years requiring healthcare. In 25 years, the average in home care will be an average of $14,000 per month

Enrolling Medicaid sends you to a facility of the government’s choice, regardless if its across the state from your current home

You will be forced to live a room with multiple other long term care patients

Medicaid requires you to be impoverished beforehand.

Typically enforcing a 5 year lookback on estate history, without proper legal planning, any recent gifting, or selling transactions to impoverish yourself can put you in direct violation of Elder Law Abuse.

27 states of America are now enforcing their filial responsibility laws; Under these laws, adult children must care for their parents' bills and debt once they're unable to manage it themselves. Many of these debts include nursing home bills and other long-term bills. In some states the medical debt of a deceased parent falls to the next surviving kin.

Proper Planning can typically prevent these concerns

Legacy Planning

What experiences and lessons do you wish to leave behind?

How do you want your life’s work dispersed among you family?

Managed Investments, IRAs, and other assets can have disastrous tax consequences on your inheritors, how will you solve that generation destroying problem?

There are many angles to think about when formulating your last plans. Our thought-provoking questions will help you clarify what is important based on your experiences, and how to proceed





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