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As a business owner, you may have worked countless hours bent over a pipe fitting, working the CNC machine, running heavy equipment, hauling “just one more load,” bent over a circuit board, swinging the hammer, and catching up on the stuff long after everyone else had gone home. Maybe you are like many of our clients that have missed many birthdays, school plays, weddings and other activities with family and friends because you had to. 

 You, like many of our clients, go to your CPA every year and they do common deductions, expenses, write offs, maybe buy some new equipment to depreciate, or real estate you can perform a cost segregation analysis. Or most likely you have been encouraged to open a qualified retirement account to get a small tax savings and thereby kicking the growing tax problem down the road. You have likely asked your CPA if there is anything else that can be done to save your own money and the answer you likely received is no…

It is not the CPAs fault. The Federal Tax Code consists of over 73,000 pages of complex tax language. The one and only fiduciary responsibility of the CPA is to report your tax. It is not to reduce it. The CPA system is broken. In order for them to remain profitable, they must process many tax returns for many clients. They tend to stay in their lane as it is not in their best interest to go outside of the lane of tax reporting.

Here is the other problem, you are good at what you do. That means like all of our clients, you are busy doing what you do because you are in demand. You have to focus on the day-to-day obligations, the last thing on your mind is your own personal financial future.

When you do get around to doing your personal financial planning, you find yourself in the middle of many advisors all speaking different languages. You find yourself in the middle relaying information you barely remember let alone understood. You have a CPA talking about taxes, you have an attorney talking about trusts and documents, you have a financial advisor wanting more of your money, and an insurance advisor wanting to sell you a large insurance policy.

You, like our clients, find themselves thinking, how nice it would be if these advisors were in the same room and had worked together many times before. Leaving you to focus on the things you are good at and not having to deal with all of this financial nonsense.

You have read headlines reporting how little the wealthiest individuals in the world pay in taxes and have been left wondering why you are paying so much.

Congratulations! You now have access to a team of advisors, that do that very thing! Sky Tower Counsel is a team of 22 nationally recognized experts consisting of tax attorneys, tax strategists, legacy planners, financial professionals, wealth managers, investment bankers, investment masters, analysts, and business exit planners that work collaboratively as an unbiased team, dedicated to only the client’s goals and objectives. Never before have you had access to a powerhouse of such financial might!

What are your current advisors doing to get you there?


      Reduce income tax bill by 30% or more every year until retirement

      Claim Tax Credits applicable outside CPA work

      Business entity planning to reduce tax bill


          *Using the above tax strategies allows the business owner to use tax savings money to:

          Fund buy/sell arrangement

          Unique Retention plans for valuable employees

          Insuring the loss of Key People

          Invest in business growth and processes

          Invest in valuable employees

          Build retirement funds with tax savings

          Build Liquidity reserve


      Supply chain disruptions

      Employee shortages

      Other hazards outside of typical commercial insurance coverage


      Retention plans for valuable  employees to stay in place 

      ESOP preparation

      Reduce/Eliminate capital gains tax on the sale of the business and/or property


      Grow community by giving with tax efficiently, the more you give the more you receive


things to consider

  • Would it be beneficial for you to reduce your tax bill by 30% or more?

  •  Are you against enjoying a tax-free retirement?

  • Are you against claiming tax savings you are not aware of?

  • Are you against selling your business and reduce the capital gains tax?

  • Are you against confirming your Buy/Sell arrangement is up to date? Is it properly funded? How is it funded?

  • Are you against building your wealth with tax savings?

  • Are you against reducing your tax bill 30% more every year until retirement?

  • Is your IRA insured? Did you know you could insure it?

  • Is your commercial insurance covering supply chain issues? 

  • Is your commercial insurance covering employee shortage issues? 

  • Are you against having up to a 2.3-million-dollar deduction?

  • Would you be against having the reserves ready to capitalize on the next recession or pandemic?

  • Would you be against filling your retirement accounts with tax savings?

  • Would you be against keeping your top talent by offering a benefit you control?

  • Would it be a bad idea to swap underperforming stocks or assets out on the IRS’s dime and not your own?

  • What tax bracket would you like to be in?

  • What are your current advisors doing to get you there?

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