"taxes will have to double or the U.S. will go broke"

-David M. Walker, served as United States Comptroller General from 1998 to 2008

We know your struggle, we know your grind, and we know your fears. We guide you through the complex financial world and protect you from the big firms, the big franchises, the money obsessed money managers, the big hungry government with their taxes, so you can live the life you were born to live with peace and certainty


To understand the mission of Sky Tower Counsel, you must understand the reason behind it.

Co-Founder and President Dallas Richardson's father was one of many hard working blue collar business owners that worked the endless hours for decades, sacrificing much chasing the dream only he could see. After decades of making a tough living, unknown Idaho suddenly became the affordable waterfront property of choice in the country. Within a decade Dallas's father finally knew success. Only for that door to slam shut on his fingers, along with 150,000 other business owners nationwide that we destroyed in the 2008 recession.

With work scarce in the north, Dallas did what many men did during that time and went to work in the oil fields and became a roughneck, working on oil drill rigs in every major oil patch in America. A drill rig is no stranger to gruesome injury and worse. One such incident was the loss of Dallas's greatest friend.

After delivering the last words and wishes of his friend's widow and five children, Dallas undertook a mission to find a way to protect the good hard working American, like his father, like his friend, and all of the families he knew had suffered loss. Dallas sought out, interned at several Family Offices and Advance Financial offices. There he would learn from some of the brightest and best minds in the financial world. Learning the strategies and solutions that the extreme rich had used to grow, eliminate taxes, and most importantly, how they insulated themselves from recessions and other problems.

From there Dallas Richardson interviewed many "financial advisers" in his search to build the right team to provide un biased, and holistic planning for clients. Now in 2022, Sky Tower Counsel is group of nationally recognized, tax attorneys, wealth strategists, investment specialists, tax planners, financial planners, estate attorneys, master CPAs, and legacy planners. Hand picked by co-founder Dallas Richardson. The firm was built in direct response to a world of challenge that every American family faces, and with this high powered team, they can now fight and win for the little guys. Most American citizens rarely understand the complexities of the financial world and blindly entrust their retirement and savings to big firms, big money managers, big government, ending in big taxes. Most do not know any better and do as they are told, and are in the middle, relaying complex information between many advisors, all speaking different "financial languages" and as a result the financial plan is never what was desired if at all completed


Sky Tower Counsel is a true independent financial strategy firm that specializes in uncommon financial education and strategies that you have never have heard about. 

Everything the team does, is through the lens of reducing tax in all areas of the American life. 

Tax is the largest expense we all face (it will likely double) yet most do not understand it and only know the common tax preparation process, they have been led to believe is the only way.


There is no case too large or small. All Americans deserve these uncommon solutions.

Sky Tower Counsel specializes in three main areas:

  • Providing uncommon solutions to blue collar Americans

  • Providing uncommon solutions to business owners and high income earners

  • Providing a civil duty to Federal Employees by providing extensive training and education with their benefits and assistance with their life planning


“The board has been set, and the pieces have been moving before you knew what they were”

-Dallas Richardson

The US has an “on the books” national debt of $30 Trillion dollars

The “off the books debt” consisting of already promised benefits of Medicare, Medicaid, and social security is over $200 Trillion

The nation’s is entire annual economic income, is less $4 Trillion dollars

To solve this problem, will the government print more money, reduce benefits, or increase taxes?

All evidence points to a combination of all three, yet higher taxes will hurt the most


Inflation is at 7%

As the nation continues to print money for economic stimulus, inflation will increase.

Meaning, if your cash is not growing at least by 7%, you are losing money to inflation, we call it “the stealth tax”

It does not matter what income bracket you are in, it affects every American. The more inflation increases, the more Americans will need to spend, increasing how much they will need in income, increasing their taxation.


Americans are living longer than ever.

It is projected that the average American today will live far beyond 120 years of age, and longer with the wave of Regen technology being released over the next 10 years

If you think about it, the American family has 50 working years, to create 90 years or more of income. How can they do this if the retirement accounts, and investments they are encouraged to participate in, lose half their value in every stock market correct?

                The American family rarely understands their financial planning options, and is assailed by financial advisors obsessed with managing money or selling ill performing insurance products.

Most of these “financial advisors” are motivated by production requirements, selling specific products violating what it means to offer unbiased, comprehensive financial planning.

99.3% of Americans have no idea there are far more beneficial ways to achieve their goals than the typical financial tools!


In America there are hundreds of financial franchises. In many towns there is one on every block. Most of Americans do not know that the main financial institutions, and advisories are directed and incentivized to push their assigned products, financial planning style, and services approved by management. Many are motivated by bonuses of production, sent on trips, or handsomely rewarded to sell their assigned products or services.

These services take on a very cookie cutter approach, in predesigned easily duplicatable programs. These predesigned avenues of common planning and solutions are geared to reward the seller, and not the client. Most are obsessed with acquiring assets under management (401ks, IRAs, brokerage accounts) for the bonuses provided regardless of the performance of said managed assets. These assets are charged a management fee, that over time can build into a passive income for the advisor.

 In our experience being truly independent and unbiased is the only one, true way to provide comprehensive, holistic planning, advice and services to America’s citizens. Meaning, we do not represent one financial institution, one insurance carrier, or one asset management brokerage. Every facet of the planning is tailored to the client’s goals and objectives. From the selection of tools that fit their disposition, character, mindset, and direction in life.

We are loyal to solely our clients, and not to the myriad of solutions.