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      Sky Tower Counsel is a nimble, Family Office that excels in reducing capital gains, estate and income taxes through tailored solutions. This office does NOT manage assets. Sky Tower Counsel(STC) team is made up of 52 financial professionals including 15 nationally recognized, tax strategists and tax attorneys. Among this team are some of the greatest financial professionals found in the top 1% of the top 1%. Each member of the team represents a firm that specializes in a handful of solutions that aim for depth rather than width. These members work in a coordinated, comprehensive, and unbiased manor that produce tailored solutions for clients desiring more than just the government’s default options. Many of these professionals are the trusted advisors of America's most successful business owners, responsible for the elimination of billions of Capital Gains Tax, and reducing hundreds of millions in the form of Income Taxes Annually.

            Sky Tower Counsel was founded as a direct answer to the future of high taxation that Co-Founder and President Dallas Richardson believes will have a detrimental effect on the American business owner and family. Top economists and math have proven that the US government will have no choice but to double taxes and enact extreme measures in order to stay solvent. With a federal debt of over $31 Trillion Dollars, and $230 Trillion of unfunded liabilities, the government will have to get the money from somewhere. How will the businesses of America stay in business when taxes double? Would it be beneficial to use tax savings to recession proof your business? What if you could use the tax code to your advantage, and place yourself in a position to take advantage of the downturn, rather than be harmed by it? Would that be beneficial?   

Who is our Client?

If we cannot save a prospective client $100,000 or more in taxes, then they would not be a fit for our services yet.

Our clientele is made up of American Business Builders. Men and women that are ambitious, driven, open minded, and they are focused on building their business or preparing to exit their business in the next three years. Both of which have income and capital gains tax obligations they would gladly put to better use in their own business and lives. If the client enjoys overpaying their tax or has no issue with their tax bill, they are not a fit. Clients will have existing CPAs and Attorneys that Sky Tower Counsel will coordinate with to solve these concerns. The goal is to augment their existing advisors, not to replace them as Sky Tower Counsel’s team does not perform standard planning or practices.

Typical Clients will DESIRE one or more of the following:

Income Tax savings in excess of $100,000

Capital gains Tax savings in excess of $1,000,000

Business structuring and planning

Asset Protection

Estate/Legacy Tax Planning

How do we Help?

 Typical clients will have many existing advisors consisting of cpas, attorneys, property and casualty insurance advisors, life insurance advisors, a money manager, and some form of a coach. But these advisors have never came together at the same table to work in a holistic, comprehensive manor,  and most importantly with all of them proactively working for the benefit of their client's goals and objectives. 

         Most of our clients are the center of this team of advisors, relaying complicated language, attempting to remember previous meetings, understanding little of what was presented. They have heard of the different planning the Rockefellers, Trumps, Carnegies, Waltons, and the Bezos of our time enjoying and all the while wondering how they can find those resources or simply put it on the back burner to be forgotten. 


       We simplify everything by providing the client one phone number and point of contact that will act as their personal Wealth Concierge or Handler. This Wealth Concierge will receive the goals and objectives of the client, they will ascertain the problems the client knows or unknowingly has. Then this Wealth Concierge be responsible for the coordination of the financial specialists, and appropriate legal counsel that will have the needed tailored solutions that will help the client achieve their goals and objectives. Instead of the client using "google" or relying on what is locally known, the client has their own Wealth Concierge that can know what questions to ask, what should be expected of the professionals, where to find the solutions, is the single point of contact for the client, and most importantly, they are solely loyal to their client's goals and objectives. This saves the clients time, and brings unbiased efficiency to their lives. 

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