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Mr. Davidson, Contractor

If I could give any advise worth gold it is this, your guy that takes you golfing or shmooses you does not know everything, and it doesn't matter if you have had the same whoever for however long, they have nothing on Dallas's team. If you would have told me that my retirement, my business growth, or even Dallas's creative plan to retain my top guys plan could be funded with IRS dollars, I would have laughed at you. Nowadays, I can't wait to hear what new "strategy" Dallas is coming up with. 

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Mrs. Wasenkari, CPA

As a CPA I am used to reporting taxes and the deductions. I understood and hated there was only so much I could do, until I met Dallas. I have personally witnessed Dallas's team save my clients more in taxes than I could have ever known was available to them. I trust Dallas completely and see his team as they are, specialists without equal that help me bring great value to my clients. 

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Mr. Davis, Restrauntuer 

I have been in the restaurant business all of my life, and did very well. Until Covid shut us down. If it wasn't for Dallas's team knowing where to find the tax money owned to me that I honestly didn't know was even there and neither did our Accountant, if it wasn't for that sudden cash in hand I would have lost everything.

Dallas's team saved my a** and if you are a business owner not using his team you are missing the boat pal.  

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Mr. Wallace, Retired

I bought and sold many businesses in my career of 40 years. He would disagree, but I wish Dallas was as old as I am, I would have used his talents and team the entire way. After working with Dallas, and knowing now what was possible, I could have retired 20 years ago on the tax savings alone. I truthfully am considering coming back to the business because Dallas made it fun again. No more net of tax or costs, I actually feel like I won and will be Dallas's biggest cheerleader. His help and quick personality made my last deal the best. He is the man!

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Mrs. Chernoff, Retired Federal Department of Justice

I had been with the DOJ for 27 years and had attended many training programs sponsored by many financial professionals looking to make sales. I chose Dallas because he was very straight forward, honest, and did not wave credentials in our faces. His team helped me know all of the little tricks to get the most out of my retirement. We were most impressed when his team moved our retirement money from being at risk of taxation, to tax free and we didn't have to pay anything to taxes. I strongly recommend any federal employee to Dallas and his team.

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Mr. Christjenson, Investment Banker

I won't lie "too good to be true" or "I would have already known about this" are the usual first responses I hear from the clients I refer to Dallas and his Sky Tower firm. I know because I once said it.  I am a 3rd generation Investment Banker, and have been in the business for 31 years, and Dallas is the only man I have ever met that will live up to the phrase "put my money where my mouth is." I have watched my clients turn from skeptics, to disbelief, and on to catapulting ahead after using Dallas's team and never heard of solutions. Do not let that young face fool you, Dallas will pave the way to your success. I would be a fool not to entrust my clients and reputation to a team of such skill.